When we came up with the name 3 Legged Thing, we knew that this was the start of something truly different. It inspired the team to look beyond the mundane and drawn inspiration from other industries. 

It began with colour. Introducing colour to tripods was, until that very moment, unheard of. It was a defining characteristic of the brand, and whilst the early days embraced colour for the sake of difference, as the brand evolved it began to consolidate, and shape the future with natural pantones.

Then came innovation. Travel tripods were ill-equipped to hold big cameras and lenses, and were limited to heights under 5ft, if they were to remain small enough to fit inside hand luggage. It was an inspired moment when Danny, having removed a monopod leg from one prototype and attached it to the centre of another, came up with the concept of multiple-section centre columns.

A new concept was born. A revolutionary new tripod, with beautifully engineered and anodized components, a triple section centre column, and the first travel tripod in the world that could extend to over 2m. The prototype was dubbed “Brian” – named after Dr. Brian May, whose iconic Red Special guitar inspired a whole generation.